Sunday, October 30, 2016

Educational Links 10/31/16


 Focus on What Can Be Done 


Small Group Instruction in the Flipped Classroom 

The Big Brain: A Cooperative Learning Protocol 

Mindful Awareness: Treating ADHD with Meditation 

Everyone Is A Novice With Technology 

3 Ways to Use Game-Based Learning 

Good games—as opposed to candy-coated, multiple-choice quiz games—provide immersive experiences for students. Like novels, films, plays, and other media, games can be high-quality materials a teacher uses to enable students to access the curriculum. In my research, classrooms with high-functioning game-based learning are not ones in which the teacher hands a game to students to play. Nor do the teachers gamify their rooms, turning them into a game. Instead, effective game-based classrooms involve each of these components. Students are provided with gameful learning experiences driven by play.


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