Monday, October 31, 2016

Educational Links 11/1/16

Pause, Refocus, Assess: Meditation in the Classroom 

A Bigger, Better STEM Field Begins With Teachers 

A Girl And Her Service Dog Head To The Supreme Court 


Academic Skills Your Child Needs for High School 

Information On ADHD and ADD 

'We should be worried that with the exodus from the profession, teaching is becoming a young person’s game' 

Map: Tracking the Common Core State Standards 

 Confused about the status of the Common Core State Standards? You’re not alone.

Since we published an update last year about the status of the English/language arts and math standards across 50 states and the District of Columbia, there’s been a fair bit of activity regarding the standards. Although the national backlash to the common core seems to have cooled a little bit in recent months, several states have announced some kind of change to the standards due to state legislation, governors’ directives, or other reasons.

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