Saturday, December 17, 2016

Educational Links 12/18/16

A teacher makes eight education predictions for 2017 — some of them dire 

Scoop on Deeper Learning and Mathematics: English Language Learner Edition

Faculty Development in the Age of Digital, Connected Learning

10 Steps To Include Students With Autism In General Education Classrooms

The Difference Between Dysgraphia and Dyslexia

Reading Like An Historian

Incorporating a Growth Mindset Into Your Teaching Practice

A growth mindset, as described by Carol Dweck, is a belief that while individuals are different in many ways in terms of their initial performance, interests, talents, and skills, everyone can improve, change, and grow through application and experience. We believe that one of the greatest school-based factors for improving education today is empowering educators with opportunities to develop a growth mindset by working together to build skills and strategies to increase the impact of their instruction in the classroom.

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