Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Educational Links 3/16/17

'The single biggest factor in educational underachievement is deprivation – funding must reflect that'

10 Ways To Help Kids With Learning Differences That Could Benefit All Students

Autistic educator discusses learning styles, importance of early real-world experience

Poetry Across the Curriculum

'Dear Parents...If you want to rescue your child's education, you need to tell government "enough is enough"'

No Income Tax For Teachers? California Bill Aimed At Keeping Educators In Classroom

If Immigration Agents Come Knocking, Schools Must Follow These Steps

Following the lead of dozens of school systems around the nation, Broward County, Fla., school leaders passed a resolution that affirms that they will do everything they can to protect undocumented students who are on school grounds or participating in off-site school-related activities.
As is the case elsewhere, Broward County's memo makes clear that federal agents seeking student information, or access to students, need to produce a warrant or another court document signed by a judge, and the school district's attorney must review the order.

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