Friday, March 17, 2017

Educational Links 3/18/17

'Skinnying' Down the Common Core Standards into Six Buckets

15 Ways To Get Your Groove Back After A Tough Week In The Classroom

What to Do When a Student Self-Harms: Teachers Share Their Advice

Uses and Misuses of Technology to Achieve Learning Standards

What Happens When Principals and District Administrators Sit in the Student’s Chair?

The 5 top priority classroom practices

Is It ADHD or Immaturity?

Several studies in recent years have found that children who are among the youngest in their class are diagnosed with ADHD at a much higher rate than their older classmates.This suggests that a significant percentage of kids with ADHD are being misdiagnosed just because they are less mature. It raises important questions about how kids are being diagnosed, and how to avoid misinterpreting the behavior of children who might be having trouble meeting expectations just because they are younger.

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