Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nature, My Garden, and Me: OMG! Daffodils, Tulips, Iris and Friends!

Mendax and the varied daffies.
Wild mustard, daffies, and tulips.
The blooms of early spring--I get so jazzed, like a little kid-- more fun than opening Christmas gifts. This is the best side of 'reaping what you sow' which is usually a solemn warning about wild oats--but in the garden it is wonderful advice for future floral joy.

The bees overwinter here, so I allowed the wild mustard and dandelions to grow. Bees don't considered them weeds--wildflowers , maybe. I will admit to thinning out the mustard, and dandelions in the more 'dignified' parts of the Butterfly Garden to have less competition for water when I plant sunflowers, lantana, and other annuals. The back garden, much more of a Wildlife Refuge, will have lots of whatever 'weeds' (wildflowers?) choose to survive the high desert here SoCal.

Iris making a grand entrance.
Early morning, closed tulips waiting to open.

New tulip bulbs in what will soon be in the vibrant Rose Garden. White House, eat your heart out. Old iris tubers were transplanted 2 years ago and chose this year to be spectacular--Van Gogh would love these!

I purchased collections of bulbs online, called 'English Garden' and 'Cottage Garden.' That's funny, my garden climate is so far from an English garden, and I do not have a cottage, but a little mission style home--but the variety of bulbs are welcome, and doing well after a satisfactory El Nino winter.
Hyacinth--perfumes to whole neighborhood.
Crocus outside Mendax' door.

All the effort in the summer and autumn, the choosing and purchasing online bulbs from around the world; the gathering of bulbs from my garden shelves in the laundry room; the dig-dig-digging during the hot desert days--all is nothing compared to the scent and site of the hyacinth!
Master Liberamens on Tulip Memorial Day.

The splash of color on a late winter's day--crocus and daffodils in February, tulips and hyacinth in March, iris making a royal appearance--very cheerful, reminding there is warmth and anticipation for spring.

Anemone--also red and white.

Crocus, intense, tiny beauty.
Grape hyacinth.

I sort of have a 'Chef's Garden,' I say sort of, because I am truly not a chef or even a particularly good cook. But I love to grow herbs, garlic, onions, working on greens. Just the smell of the mint and rosemary is worth it. But I digress. I plunked some flower bulbs in my backyard herb/veg area--so while  I wait for Tre Verde--spinach, chard, and kale--I have hilarious flowers and very pleased bees.
Early spring in the herb--oops--bulb flower garden. My funky little solar water fountain looking to catch some sunlight is in the center.

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