Monday, May 22, 2017

Educational Links 5/23/17

How Peer Pressure Undermines Success

Here’s how you tie spending to student outcomes—with big success

Head Start Turns 52 Today. Congress Should Protect Its Funding

Creating a Beneficial Gender Diversity in STEM Education

A Cynic’s Guide to EdTech

President Trump's Budget Proposal Calls For Deep Cuts To Education

How Stress Changes A Student’s Brain: The Neurology Of ‘Pressure’

Stress cuts off students’ access to these networks of higher-order thinking, logic, creative problem solving, and analytical judgment. When there is loss of higher brain control, the lower, reactive brain’s involuntary outputs are in charge. The resulting behaviors are limited to the equivalent of fight/flight/freeze reactions. The student also cannot use the resources of executive functions to understand, evaluate, or apply new learning.

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