Thursday, July 13, 2017

Educational Links 7/14/17

The Impact of a Visiting Artist Program

Class Participation: What Behaviors Count?

How Sensory Processing Issues Can Affect Motor Skills

As Schools Tackle Poverty, Attendance Goes Up, But Academic Gains Are Tepid

At a Glance: 5 Factors of Emotional Intelligence

Transitions Welcoming ways to start the day!

‘It’s Not My Problem!’ Why Charter Schools and Districts Need to Work Together on the Politics of School Closure

District budgets are badly strained when many of their schools are under-enrolled. This is one of the biggest reasons that districts with growing charter enrollment hit financial hurdles. Meanwhile, charter schools can’t expand without access to facilities, and in a growing number of cities, suitable facilities are in very short supply. Understandably, charter leaders bristle when they are blamed for budget woes that may be easily solved by consolidating under-enrolled schools. And understandably, district leaders think they wouldn’t have the under-enrollment problem if charter schools weren’t pulling away students.

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