Thursday, August 10, 2017

Educational Links 8/11/17

Okay Teachers, Here’s Your Real Back-to-School Checklist

Toxins in the Break Room: How Teacher Appreciation Sabotages Teacher Health

Teaching in a World Filled With Fear

Circle up: Teaching social-emotional skills year round

Reading to children has multiple benefits

The Strengths-Based Classroom

 Individuals see and feel the most growth in their lives in areas that they are the most successful and have the most natural strengths. As opposed to investing time in “fixing” or improving our weaknesses, we should be doing what we do best more and more. We first have to know what we are good at and what our strengths are—once we know this, we can invest in them through time, resources, and training. The outcome, the researchers found, was extremely high levels of growth in these areas as opposed to little to no growth in the areas that aren’t as strong. For our “weaknesses,” we have to find ways to manage around them rather than ignoring them. But to spend great amounts of time to improve them isn’t worth the investment.

How Occupational Therapists May Work With Kids With Dyspraxia

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