Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Educational Links 10/18/17

How school gardens, food ‘rescues’ are helping Nevada’s hungry

Mainland Schools Receive Puerto Rican Students—and Educators—With Open Arms

How To Handle Anxiety-Fueled Refusals To Go To School


Suspensions Don’t Teach

Daily singing lessons for primary pupils set to be evaluated

Do Schools Need Certified Teachers? Do Children?

Schools, their students, teachers and leaders, hold the future of this country in their hands.  Yes, it sounds like hyperbolic, but it is not.  The fiscal environment of education combined with changing demographics over the last decade or so coexisting with expanding career options and economic shifts has led to declining enrollment in teacher preparation programs. As a response, we hear emerging discussions about reducing the requirements for teacher certification and a growing charter system that in some cases, does not require teachers to be certified at all. 

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