Saturday, November 11, 2017

Educational Links 11/11/17

The importance of music and singing in early development cannot be underestimated

How to Build Self-Assessment Into Jampacked High School Classes

How to Explain ADHD to a Teacher: Parents Share Their Favorite Tips

The Damaging Myth of Normalcy

How Do You Respond to Unexpected Student Questions? Teachers Weigh In

 How one Colorado boy with autism schooled the Supreme Court on public education for the disabled

Endrew sends a clear judicial message that both parent input and school officials’ professional judgment must be joined together in the interest of an individual child. Years of costly litigation may have blurred that concept, but Endrew offers the proverbial “reset.” If interpreted as a victory for all parties, it can provide a valuable point of common ground in the struggle to fulfill the promise of special education law.

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