Sunday, December 31, 2017

Educational Links 1/1/18

How Educators Can Model Democratic Decision Making In Schools

Teaching with Current Events? 15 Current Event Sites for Students

5-Minute Film Festival: Best Educational Parodies of 2017

Cabin Fever: 9 Indoor Activities for Hyperactive Kids

Grids, Timelines, and Notes in Google Slides - Best of 2017

How Do You Measure A Year: Tch Year in Review

10 Ways We Would Fix the U.S. School System

Our kids are remarkable. They have unmatched gifts and perspectives. Yet they struggle academically — in large part because schools are not traditionally set up to recognize and build upon their learning styles. The solutions, it turns out, are often easier to visualize than they are to enact. Here is how we would start to re-think school.

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