Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Teacher Resolution #3

I solemnly resolve...
#3. I resolve to not let the kids drive me completely nuts.

Seventh grade teachers, I feel your pain. But let's be realistic.

How about:

I won't let the students bait me as much.

How 'interesting' your students are vary from year to year, grade to grade, and there are plenty of other factors. But how to respond to your 'interesting students' is in your domain of influence. Keeping a consistent, regulated classroom management system every second of classtime will stabilize the experience of the students and yourself. This isn't easy, but when Teacher realizes the efficacy of relying on a good classroom management system, it becomes a pleasure--no, that's too strong--a relief. Include the parents, for sure, with reports of success and rascality. Be efficient with reports to the Discipline Office--only after other options are truly exhausted unless it is a safety issue or some other extreme situation. Be fair, be thorough, be relentless in your pursuit of every student's success. You'll be the teacher that very 'interesting' student thanks when he/she is a successful stand up comic.

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Using Detention Wisely

Don’t Just Sit There: Use Detention Wisely
This is not my school--but it could have been! Don't think we're ever going back to this classroom management, as far as I know.


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