Saturday, December 2, 2017

Educational Links 12/3/17

'We need to make sure excluded children still get the chance of a decent education'

Setting Up Students for Productive Group Work

Do You Know Your School's Vision? Tips on Making a Meaningful Mission Statement

3 Ways Teachers Can Celebrate the Holidays with Cultural Sensitivity

How to introduce kindergarteners to computers

The Evolution of the Networked Educator

Teaching digital literacy in a new era of skepticism

Surfing the web lately can be like stepping through the looking glass, where right is left and up is down. Fabricated news stories are going viral. Elected officials are declaring legitimate news stories fake.
Helping students separate fact from fiction is no longer a matter of pointing them toward credible news sources such as CNN, the New York Times, The Guardian and other world media outlets. That’s because credulity isn’t the issue anymore, says philosophy professor Michael Lynch.

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