Friday, January 12, 2018

Educational Links 1/13/18

How can we fix the learning crisis?

My Latest BAM! Radio Show Is On Good “Underused” Instructional Strategies

How to Solve the Parent-Engagement Problem

    5 ways students benefit from global collaboration

Is the effort to curb strict discipline going too far, too fast?

Bringing Wonder Into Mathematics

10 Good Resources for Math Teachers and Students

Surrounded by Kids, But Still Alone

While on the job, teachers may not see other adults for a large percentage of their day. Even outside their classrooms, they sometimes have duties like recess or lunch in which they are further separated from other adults, who might be in the faculty room on a lunch or coffee break while enjoying the camaraderie of other grown-ups. The teacher who is isolated from the others at this time is missing out on conversations that often bring colleagues together physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It can be even worse for cyber school teachers.

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