Monday, January 8, 2018

Educational Links 1/9/18

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Is 2018 the Year for You to Teach at a New School?

The hardest part is deciding you are going to leave and then taking action to leave.  One day, two colleagues and I were talking and one of my colleagues brought up once again that she was going to leave like she did every year and the next year, there her name was again on the staff roster.  Stop talking about it; take action!  In her article, “An Awful Moment:  Choosing to Say Goodbye to a School” Sherlene Merritt reminds educators, “Free agency season is now open.  Go out and get your well-earned peace of mind in a teaching environment where your skills are appreciated and rewarded.”  Make this year the year you take care of yourself.  Educators are notorious for neglecting their needs and desires.  Update your resume and start applying and hopefully you will find your right fit school.

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