Monday, January 22, 2018

Educational Links 1/23/18

     What every teacher needs to know about memory          -about-memory

Taking Stock of What You’ve Learned

4     4 ways to help students get workforce- ready

Stressed out Students: What Has Changed and How Can We Help?

Understanding Dyslexia

Teaching the art of listening in the age of me, me me

4 Characteristics Of Learning Leaders

Screen Time? How about Creativity Time?

Discussions about children and new technologies have become increasingly polarized. On one side are people who might be called techno-enthusiasts.They tend to get excited about the possibilities of almost all new technologies— the newer, the better. On the other side are people who might be called techno-skeptics. They worry about the negative impacts of new technologies, and they prefer that children spend more time with traditional toys and outdoor play and less time on screens.

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