Thursday, February 22, 2018

Educational Links 2/23/19

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Leave Work at Work

I don’t mean lesson plans, preparation, and marking. I am talking about the emotions and sentiments you may accrue throughout the school day. Whatever you do, do not bring your “negative” work home with you. One thing is for sure, adolescent kids are going to tick you off from time to time. You may get into small disputes with students. You may experience small group or individual attitudes that will implicitly or explicitly weigh on you. But it is best to try and let it all go when you walk out the front door at the end of your day. The contrary will result in the dreaded “burn out” or a dissatisfied and bitter sentiment towards your job. Trust me, you need to be able to put your “teacher hat” on and take it off, especially in that first year and leave work at work.

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