Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Educational Links 3/28/19

When Pushing Boundaries in Math Education, Where Can Teachers Turn For Help and Camaraderie?

Try Coding in Your Classroom: Dash & Dot Club Pack Giveaway

School librarians fear a 'quiet crisis' is endangering their place in the education world


HOW KIDS CAN USE 'SCREEN TIME' TO THEIR ADVANTAGE https://www.wired.com/story/kids-screen-time-allison-gopnik/

Teachers Must Encourage Students to 'Make Meaning Together'

How vulnerable are you to a data breach?

growth mindset

Download: Growth Mindset Activities for Kids

Is your child willing to take on challenges and keep working on them despite setbacks? That’s a sign of a growth mindset—believing that abilities can improve over time. But some struggling learners have a fixed mindset. They think that their abilities are set and won’t ever improve, even with effort.

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