Monday, May 14, 2018

Educational Links 5/15/18

Ability Groups Are Damaging, Ineffective And Chaotic

Can Schools Change Measures of Success by Focusing on Meaningful Work Instead of Test Scores?


How to Install and Manage Chrome Extensions

Strategies for Discussing Religion in Secular Studies Classes

Children with Disabilities Continue to Suffer Disproportionate Seclusion & Restraint and Discipline

Integrating Trends in Education: Lesson Plan Development for the 21st Century

Throughout the learning process, the challenge of answering the teacher’s question as they spiral up Bloom’s Taxonomy is where the most intense learning takes place. Asking questions is a refined skill. It takes practice and a strong knowledge of the topic to lead students to the level of learning that takes place within evaluation and judgment. Students must also be taught metacognition as they debrief the entire activity, assessing whether or not their systems were simulated in reality and what they were able to learn from the engagement of the activity itself.

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