Friday, May 18, 2018

Educational Links 5/19/18

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The Anger Teachers Don’t Feel Comfortable Expressing

Teachers experience the full spectrum of anger in the course of our work, ranging from mild annoyance to blinding fury. Yet most of the time, we swallow it down. We keep smiling, even when that smile becomes more of a grimace.
There is a strong taboo against teachers admitting to our anger, let alone expressing it. We are supposed to be sweet, kind, patient, and docile.

Part of this norm involves gender. In a profession where women make up more than 76 percent of teachers but fewer than 25 percent of superintendents, women are often expected to accept mandates handed down by men without objection, let alone anger. The tired phrase "monitor and adjust" might be better translated as "accept the unacceptable without complaining."

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