Sunday, July 8, 2018

Educational Links 7/9/18

Reaching Every Student Starts Here: How Do Your Students Prefer to Learn?

Why Schools Should add Makerspaces and Support a Maker Culture

The Role of Exposure to Neurotoxic Chemicals in Neurodiversity

Top Ten SOS for Comparing and Contrasting

Understanding Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Children

All “Best” Lists Published In 2018 – So Far

6 Alternatives to Reading Logs

Let’s face it, reading logs are typically not accurate in time read or books finished. From forged signatures to parents exaggerating the time their student spends in a book, reading logs do very little to motivate students or to instill a love of books. If the purpose of reading logs is to create habitual readers why do they continually fail both students and teachers? What alternatives to tracking pages or time offer more value and choice to readers?

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