Friday, August 3, 2018

Educational Links 8/3/18

How to Make the Benefits of a School Garden Meaningful in a Child's Life

How Anxiety Leads to

8 Meditation Apps for Kids

How Robotics Competitions Close the STEM Skills Gap and Build a Diverse Workforce Disruptive Behavior

Kids Need Play and Recess. Their Mental Health May Depend on It.

Top Dyslexia App: Grammarly

Why design thinking isn’t just for techies

Schools often assume that design thinking is a “techie thing” and send their edtech coordinators and directors to design-thinking workshops. Although design thinking has been adopted widely by the tech industry, its approach can be applied by any organization that wants to adopt a way to solve problems empathetically and collaboratively. In schools, design thinking complements inquiry- and project-based approaches to teaching and learning.

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