Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Educational Links 8/1/18

Is Your School's Culture Toxic or Positive?

New Study Finds That Using Cellphones During Lectures Hurt Exam Scores, But That’s Not The Most Important Result


California kids who didn’t learn to read to get day in court

Lawsuit argues poor literacy instruction violates minority students' rights


Competing Values in Education Make Real Transformation Challenging

Classroom Management: All About Personalized Learning

Competing Values in Education Make Real Transformation Challenging

What Makes a Good School Culture?

Most principals have an instinctive awareness that organizational culture is a key element of school success. They might say their school has a “good culture” when teachers are expressing a shared vision and students are succeeding — or that they need to “work on school culture” when several teachers resign or student discipline rates rise.
But like many organizational leaders, principals may get stymied when they actually try to describe the elements that create a positive culture. It's tricky to define, and parsing its components can be challenging. Amid the push for tangible outcomes like higher test scores and graduation rates, it can be tempting to think that school culture is just too vague or “soft” to prioritize.

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