Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Our Five Paragraph Personal Essay 8/15/18

Three Things I Want You To Know About Me
This is the first week of school, and this writing project serves to let the teacher know a little bit about each student, and giving student choice.

The writing strategies for this week include brainstorming, group discussion, outlining, and writing anecdotes.

Tomorrow, on Day 4, when the rough draft checks in as a homework assignment, this rubric will help writing strategies partners make suggestions and corrections. 

One Day 5 the students will write the final draft in class, using notes and rough draft. This will be pencil-written, so the teacher can also check for legibility.

Even though the objective is to write a five paragraph essay, the emphasis this week is less on technicalities and more on flow--the experience of using thought and feeling to bring verbal interactions and then written words in a natural, almost conversational experience. 

Technical corrections can come as a final task. Writing is not a task but an experience.

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