Monday, November 26, 2018

Educational Links 11/27/18

6 Tips For Creating Effective Student Groups

Teaching Strategies for Getting Through the Holidays

Social Challenges of Kids With Learning Problems

How Parents Can Create a Nightly Homework Ritual for Reluctant Children

How Can I Get My Child’s Teachers to Recognize Processing Speed as a Real Issue?

The Most Important Skill at the Office Isn't Being Taught in School

That skill -- or, some might say, innate trait -- is curiosity. Behavioral scientists have found that it’s one of the most valuable attributes in the workplace. Yet, curiosity often is not fostered in schools, especially those driven by test-based performance standards, said Andrew Minigan of The Right Question Institute in Education Week. Businesses don’t always encourage it in employees, either, even though curiosity is one of the signs that you’re doing better at work than you think.

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