Friday, November 30, 2018

Finishing Up NaNoWriMo

Thank you, Chromebooks, for the experience.
Today we complete the month of November--all my English Classes from Grades 7 through 11--have been writing a novel.

It is amazing. They have been fully engaged.

Why? I ask myself.

I have tried to take away the common roadblocks to writing, being a writer myself I know them well. 

No laziness. 
No hesitancy to get started. 
No procrastination. 
It's a classroom--I get to boss them into getting going!

The kids look forward to writing. Why?

Strong reading background.
Movies, media, television-lots of stories.
Video games--what? Yes, I think participating in video games is an ongoing story that involves some writing essentials and engagement. The intense focus of extended involvement may have conditioned the kids to writing fiction.

I worked to encouraged the students to imagine and write quickly, less worried about editing.

Liberty to try without the shackles of ELA.
For now. We'll edit later--using ELA to make sure the meaning of the story is clear. Authors use punctuation and usage for their own purpose to move the story along.

Using what we already know, I kept referring to a plot diagram.

 Write like a real author-everyone has a story.

I am grateful for the tech to do this--we have Chromebooks in the class.  This is great. This makes me happy.

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