Sunday, January 6, 2019

What Our Week Is Gonna Look Like

Brand new, current Teacher's Editions and Tests are on order from Bob Jones and will soon arrive.

Grades 7-11 will be reading novels, and inspirational books; also, Shakespeare. Grade 12 will begin a program of preparing for research and writing research papers.

Monday-Class Read Aloud-material they are assigned
ELA, Grammar/Usage
Grades 7 and 8 will use Bob Jones Workbook
Grades 9-12 will use Teacher prepared material and Teacher chosen materials from
Types of Sentences

Read Aloud-material they are assigned
Writer's Workshop Different Types of Sentences
Lesson including student emphasis

Wednesday-Read Aloud-material they are assigned
Ed Tech Cafe
Chromebook use for research, MLA and APA (Grade 12),  vocabulary, grammar

Read Aloud-material they are assigned-summaries and questions
Reading Teams-answer chapter questions
7 God's Smuggler
8 Sherlock Holmes
9 Old Man and the Sea
10 Out of the Silent Planet
11 Red Badge of Courage

Friday Class Meeting 
Informal discussion of successes and needs for improvement;
informal assessment
Read Aloud-material they are assigned

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