Saturday, March 2, 2019

Educational Links 3/3/19

How To Build Instant Rapport With Individual Students

The Value of Connecting Students: 5 Ways to Help Get You Started

Signs of Slow Processing Speed at Different Ages

There's a gap in education that only industry can fill, report says

How the Documentary “2E: Twice Exceptional” Made Me a More Hopeful Parent

How an Alternative School Helped One Student Find His Way From Suspension to Graduation

Interactive Notebooks: No Special Hardware Required

Before I started using interactive notebooks, I got by, but barely. I'd make multiple copies of every handout for students who were constantly losing theirs. Students would take notes sometimes, and sometimes they wouldn't. All of my grades focused on the finished products, never on the process. I had few or no opportunities to explore the texts that we were studying in class using visual, logical, intrapersonal, or interpersonal learning styles. If I wanted students to write, I had to collect every page that they wrote, and I inevitably had a stack of unread notebook pages on my desk at the end of every day. Classes were discussion all day, every day, with me as the main source of energy for that discussion.

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