Saturday, June 8, 2019

It's Summer, There's Time To...

OMG! its summer!
...browse National Geographic and National Geographic Kids. (online or with your fingers with a real smooth magazine with pages.)


BTW its okay to color between the lines somedays.

Sorry, must gloat.

How to Go to the Zoo

Ah, those humans...always eating.

 Picnics With Kids

Picnics are easy (and free) family outings that kids love. 




go to the beach or river or shore; and get sand everywhere.

 Top Tips on What to Take to the Beach with kids 


Mom, what's for breakfast?


when its 101 F or 37C...

watch documentaries.

I believe you can find many, many online, through NetflixHulu, or other networks or channels.

Here are some suggestions.

Nature Documentaries for Kids and Families

I prefer the ones where the animals are not constantly eating eat other. I frequently match the documantaries to fiction, like White Fang and documentaries on wolves. It is so interesting for adults, too.

It's Summer, There's Time To Hang Out With Mom

          Thanks, Nat Geo, for these phenomenal pics. 

                                You are awesome.


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