Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Reading Is Making Lifelong Friends

Winnie the Pooh being one of the most popular book friends.

Who are your favorite fictional characters? Winnie the Pooh might be the most popular. 

This following article gives us pause... 

Psychologists Discover How People Subconsciously Become Their Favorite Fictional Characters


There was a similar article in the spring about how suspending disbelief while reading or viewing film is actually a real experience for fluent readers.

I guess that's why I'm so like that talkative red-haired girl from Green Gables who became a teacher. 

Anne is included in this list.
This is a list of fictional characters from the English point of view.
From Pippi Longstocking to Huck Finn, a gallery of the naughtiest and most fun kids' heroes from children's books down the decades.


What Should a Kid Read During the Summer?

Well, here's a list of the all-time bestsellers in kid lit. From very little people up to early teens. Some of your favorites might be in there!
A cautionary tale
 20 Best-Selling Children’s Books of All Time 
Can you recognize these characters?

Another cautionary tale.
He's kind of famous.

 Can you match the authors to their books?

1. Harry Potter Books

2. Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham


3. The Outsiders

4. Stuart LittleCharlotte's WebThe Trumpet of the Swan

E. B. White


J. K. Rowling

S, E. Hinton
Dr. Seuss

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