Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Educational Links 8/7/19

12 Back To School Teaching Resources For The Best Year Ever

Beyond 'Good' Vs. 'Bad' Touch: 4 Lessons To Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

10 reasons school librarians are more important than ever

Common Sense Media shares 25 great podcasts for kids

What Gives Parents the Right to Request a Team Meeting?

The Radical Possibilities of “What Are You Working On?”: Student-Driven Learning in Writing Conferences

50 Ways Google Can Help You Become A Better Teacher

While Apple products are known for their integration in classrooms, increasingly Google is the choice for schools and districts looking for something organized, useful, and inexpensive that’s available on tablet, laptop, Chromebooks, desktop, smartphone, and more. 
In fact, the sheer diversity of Google products might make them a more natural fit in the classroom in lieu of the iPad’s gravity. 

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