Thursday, October 17, 2019

Educational Links 10/18/19

Research Zeroes In on a Barrier to Reading (Plus, Tips for Teachers)

Quarter of teachers 'may quit, mainly due to workload'

Trauma in Schools – Teachers Are Asked to Handle Too Much

Twice-Exceptional Students Find An Intellectual Oasis In Iowa

Five Tips to Successfully Advocate for Your Dyslexic Child

To Students with Learning Disabilities

Tracking Student Progress: They're More Than Data

Each child must learn the necessary skills demanded by the state to reach graduation proficiency during their tenure in an academic institution.
Each boy and girl must adequately be able
to communicate that learning before being
able to walk on that fateful day after 12
long years of study.
Too often, we let teachers, not the
learners themselves dictate what students
know and can do.
This isn't the most efficient or effective way.

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