Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Sky Is Cheap Entertainment: 400 Meteors an Hour! Say What?

Meteor shower could produce up to 400 meteors per hour on Nov. 21

All you need to know: 2019’s Leonid meteor shower

For 2019’s Leonid meteor shower, perhaps the biggest factor is the moon. It’s in a waning gibbous phase, large and bright in the sky between midnight and dawn, when the most meteors will be falling. This chart from Guy Ottewell illustrates Earth’s direction of travel through space (wide arrow). The direction from which the Leonids come as they hit our atmosphere is marked, as is the direction to Sunday morning’s moon. You can see that the moon and meteors’ radiant point are close together in our sky. Read more about this chart from Guy Ottewell’s post on the 2019 Leonids.

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