Thursday, January 30, 2020

Educational Links 1/31/20

10 Tips For Creating More Effective Multiple-Choice Questions

A Strategy for Overcoming Equity Issues in Gifted Programs

Impactful Storytelling in the Classroom

50 Tips and Tricks to Facilitating a More Inclusive Classroom

How Data and Automation Are Personalizing This School’s Reading Program

How Strengthening Relationships with Boys Can Help Them Learn

Ultimately, what boys really need to thrive is a strong connection to at least one stable, loving adult, says Reichert. “Here’s what we are trying to accomplish: every boy known and loved, every boy having the sense that someone has ‘got him’that someone who knows who he his and what he’s facing and really cares.”  They need a relational anchor, and parents, teachers and coaches can all be “that someone” in the life of a boy.

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