Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Brian Boru in the Irish (Brian Bóramha i nGaeilge)


Brian Boru united Ireland. Quite a rare feat! Around a thousand years ago. 

This music is from Alan Stivel, who is a Breton from France.

Ancient Irish flag.

Alan Stivell - Brian Boru 


Here is the translation, which is from the Irish as well as Breton.


This information about the six Celtic nations is from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_nations:

The six territories recognized as Celtic nations are Brittany (Breizh), Cornwall (Kernow), Ireland (Éire), the Isle of Man (Mannin), Scotland (Alba), and Wales (Cymru).[1][2] Each of these regions has a Celtic language that is either still spoken or was spoken into modern times.[3] In addition, areas of north-western Spain and Portugal, particularly GaliciaCantabria and Asturias and MinhoDouroTras-os-Montes (Northern Portugal) are oftentimes identified as Celtic, due to the unique culture of the region. Unlike the others, however, no Celtic language has been spoken there in modern times.[4][5][6] Before the expansions of the Roman Republic and Germanic tribes, a significant part of Europe was Celtic.[7]

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