Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Home Learning: Google Meet/Hangout Class Meeting Special Education

Google Meet/Hangout Class Meeting 4/23/20

Watch the videos below for directions.

Use Google Classroom to log on to our Class Meeting.
Go to the Calendar and click on the link on the date.
Our date is 3:OO-3:30 Thursday, 4/23/20. 

We do not need to see your house, pets, or family (unless your
family is helping you with the Meet. Use mute until it is your turn to talk.
Wear clothes you would wear to school. Listen to teacher's questions and

Agenda for Google Hangout/Meet 4/22/20
1. Greeting and introductions
2. Practice muting and unmuting
3. Listen to teacher-she will call on one student at a time to answer
the topic questions.
4. You may write comments and questions in the lower right corner
and wait for teacher to guide a response.
5. Today's Class Meeting is 30 minutes.

Topics: What have you observed in Nature?
What did you find on Google Classroom that you like?

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