Saturday, June 13, 2020

Summer Activity: How Do Your Garden Friends Grow?

A frequent family visitor to my garden on a summer morning.

A tiny garden, a whole farm--size doesn't matter. Creating a lovely habitat for garden critters (including yourself) is a dynamic way to love a summer.

Butterflies, bees, lizards. hummingbirds all become part of the family when you live part of your summer outside in a garden. Kids thrive just like the rollie pollies Pill Bug (Rollie Pollie) in a well mulched garden plot. Morning sunrise is a lovely time to see how the garden and its inhabitants are doing. Bird Song Hero Later, during a lunch picnic, your kids' butterfly family will flutter by. Butterflies and Moths of North America

How to Create a Butterfly Garden in a Pot

Kids quickly learn most garden dwellers are not dangerous and are deserving of respect. Kids have a serious vested interest in the environment and can make positive contribution through loving your local bees. Help save our bee population with this easy DIY project!

Extra credit! Helping bees and growing mint for Mom's summer tea.
A garden is an adventurous place, an eco-system alive and active. Kids know when to leave it alone and just observe. Anyone who eats black widow spiders is welcome in my garden, and these mojave
lizards really love it. They are characters that can win a staring contest. When claiming their territory, they do push ups. It is also good to know what else might be in your garden that's not so innocuous. Living With Wild Reptiles and Amphibians 

A garden attracts an exciting variety of birds--your kid will be just as excited about the bird feeder as old great Aunt Maxine--and they will have a lot to talk about! Hummingbirds are curious, funny friends in the garden, finches keep a regular schedule of feeder visits, and around here we even get the occasional roadrunner (beep beep.) Ravens here are so regular in their habits, you can name them.

Backyard Bird Identifier


The Unloved.
The Loved.

Kids love bugs. Digging around in the garden doing maintenance can transport a child into the marvelous world in the dirt, on the plants. The interrelated lives of garden insects. Good Garden Bugs, the Ten Most Wanted 


Loving those worms, lacewings, pillbugs, kids joining all the community of the garden.

This is my favorite post, probably because it reminds me of so many lovely visits to the garden. 

Keeping Butterflies, Bees and Hummingbirds Happy

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