Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Educational Links 11/05/2020

When Everything is a Bit Much, Writing in a Journal Can Help

What The ‘Schools Aren’t Superspreaders’ Argument Misses About COVID

 Education and the coronavirus crisis: What’s the latest?

'Schools Need to Be Bolder' About Reopening, Public Health Expert Says

Rubric for Recovery: Tightening budgets, litigation add to pandemic special ed pressures

Creative Approaches to Supporting the Emotional Well-Being of Staff

25 Fantastic Free Google Slides Templates and Themes for Teachers

Slideshow presentations are pretty standard in most classrooms these days, especially for distance learning. Google Slides is a popular option: it’s free, it has lots of cool features, and it integrates easily with Google Classroom. One easy way to make your presentations pop is to use Google Slides templates, also known as themes. All the design work is done for you, so all you have to do is customize them to fit your needs.

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