Saturday, March 6, 2021

Educational Links 3/6/2021

Four Ways To Boost Collaboration in Student Projects

Teachers speak out on continuing their careers

Biden Pushes Plan to Get Every Educator a Vaccine Dose by End of March

How teachers are inspiring students to read during the pandemic

A Year of COVID-19: What It Looked Like for Schools

When Bad Apples Ruin Teaching for the Rest of Us

Bringing Moments of Joy to High School English

My students needed a community devoted to wellness and joy.They needed to feel cared for and space to show that they cared for one another, even as they completed assignments that required critical thinking, writing, and public speaking.To that end, they needed opportunities to express themselves and reckon, both publicly and privately, with what they’ve experienced: illness, financial instability, injustice, political turmoil, a lost year, and separation from friends, teammates, and comforting routines.

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