Saturday, March 6, 2021

Irish STEM and Other Surprises for St. Patrick's Day

'When most people think of Ireland’s cultural heritage

they think of things like ‘The Island of Saints and 
Scholars’, The Book of Kells, our great writers,
Irish music, and so on. Ireland has little by way 
of a scientific heritage – right? Wrong.' So begins 
a great article by William 
Reville, University College, Cork. 


Ciara Judge, Sophie Healy-Thow  and Emer Hickey

Irish teen develops magnetic method of removing microplastics from water

Robert Boyle 

Lots happening in Ireland to inspire the use of good Irish minds in 

STEM, not just poetry, 

ballades and folklore.


Science & Technology 

 What attracts big tech companies to Ireland? Hint: 

It’s not just low taxes



I am not at all surprised by discovering brilliant Irish women and men both in 

STEM areas. 

I had years of Catholic school and they were the best math teachers I ever had, Sister Gertrude, 

Sisters of Mercy, in particular.

William Rowan Hamilton 



Lucy Everest Boole (1862-1905)



Irish politics is no surprise. I don't condone violence, Jesus said He 

'came to save mens' lives not 

destroy them.' Luke 9:46.

That being said, here is a St. Patrick's Day surprise I had this week 

while researching.

I remember the news report of Bobby Sands back in the 80s. But I hadn't watched the biographical

 movie 'Hunger' 2008 directed by Steve McQueen 

(12 Years A Slave, Oscar winner) which I did.  It is not for the feint hearted. Actor Michael 

Fassbender lost 40 pounds to portray the hunger strike in 

Maze Prison. It is critically acclaimed. Earns the R rating.

Hunger (2008 film) 

What I didn't know was that Bobby Sands was also a poet and author, and elected to Parliament while on the hunger strike. Nelson Mandela references

 him as an inspiration.

Bobby Sands

Bobby Sands--Writings from Prison

Poems of Bobbly Sands

 Prison Diary 

Peace Activists Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan in 1976
In 1976, two Irish mums won the Nobel Peace Prize 
for organizing a peace movement in the middle of 
 'TheTroubles' in Northern Ireland.


Nobel Laureate Betty Williams reflects on a lifetime of work for peace and children’s rights

Another St. Paddy's Day surprise for some of you--Rock N Roll's darlings, U2 and their mighty hit about 'The Troubles.' 


U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday


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