Saturday, September 4, 2021

Educational Links 9/4/2021


Using Podcasts in World Language Classes

Households With Kids See Continued Educational Hurdles as Pandemic Drags On

Schools updating remote learning policies in reaction to COVID-19 cases, quarantines

Understanding sensory processing issues

6 Strategies To Make Classrooms Safer As The Delta Variant Spreads

21 Canva Tutorials for Teachers

Schoolhouse Blocks: Foundational Executive Functions for Students with ADHD

Executive dysfunction is a core component of ADHD that interferes with learning, organization, time management, demonstration of knowledge, and more. Click the images below to gain insights into 7 key executive functions: self-awareness & metacognition, inhibition, non-verbal working memory, verbal working memory, emotional self-regulation, planning & problem-solving, and self-motivation.

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