Thursday, February 15, 2024

Black History Month: Wholy Holy by Marvin Gaye


Ah, wholy holyCome togetherWholy holyPeople we all gotta come together'Cause we need the strength, power, all the feelingWholy holyOh Lord, come on get together, one anotherWholy holyWholy holyWholy holy we should believe in one another (believe in Jesus)Jesus left a long time ago, said he would return (believe it)He left us a book to believe inIn it we've got a lot to learnOh, wholy holy (oh Lord)We can conquer (yes we can) hate forever (oh Lord)Wholy (wholy holy, wholy holy)We can rock the world's foundation (Yes we can)Everybody together, together in a wholyWe'll holler love love love across the nation (Oh, oh)Wholy holy, all together in wholyWe proclaim love, our salvationOoh, ooh

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