Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Game Is Afoot! Sherlock Returns

Holmes and Watson
Benedict Cumberpatch and Martin Freeman are the newest Holmes and Watson, this time on PBS, in a second season interpretation of the famous stories on 'Masterpiece.' The first season amused as Sherlock and Watson solved crimes in modern London. How modern should it get? I'm on the West Coast, so I haven't seen the latest installment yet. I'm interested to see how Sherlock interacts with a dominatrix. (What did she say?)

Here's the schedule for this spring:

A good recent film of Sherlock is starring Robert Downey, Jr., and Jude Law. The first came out in 2009.


The second, which I prefer, came out just last December. I enjoyed the miniflashes of the workings of Sherlock's mind. Moriarity was effective, too, played by Jared Harris.

These are set in the 1890's, when they were written.
As the original stories were written so very long ago (1887-1914), it is very interesting updating the New Sherlock to 2012. Current Sherlock seems to fit right it. Maybe we were prepped for a Its-Whats-Happening-Now Holmes by associating with Monk for so many years; they're both very Obsessive-Compulsive, though Monk makes a lot more sense to me. Holmes' explanation always seemed too obscure.

Link to the background of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:

You can download the original stories here:

Lots of old movie versions, with lots of familiar stories:
              Basil Rathbone 1939-1942,Sherlock went political                          

'The Hound of the Baskervilles' Jeremy Brett, Edward Hardwicke.

Basil (Sherlock) 'The Great Mouse Detective
     Let's not forget the halosuite version of Sherlock from TNG, which is great fun, too: Data the Android. Wow 2364, that's really an update from 1888. I am not embarrassed to make a Star Trek reference, being the complete nerd that I am.            
It's elementary, My Dear Data


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