Friday, August 10, 2012

Controversial Tweets of the Day 8/10/12

Lively discussions!

1. Debate Continues As To Whether Undocumented Immigrant Students Should Pay In-State Tuition Rates 

Lots folks would argue this one.

2. Reforming the 'Myth' of America's Failing Schools (It's Actually True)

So everyone should go away to school?

3. In-State College Student Scholarships Extend Time It Takes To Earn Degree, Report Says 

A little humor amid the controversy. 

Tweeting before recess?

4. Don’t ban social media from school

Everyone has an opinion on this one. 

5.No Child Left Behind: Some States Resisting Obama Administration Ed-Reform Requirements 

Special Education seems to always inspire heated discussion in the faculty lounges at least. Here's a 

quote from the New York area. 

 Shael Polakow-Suransky, the city’s chief academic officer, said he wanted to see fewer “self-contained” classes, which he termed “an academic death sentence” for many special needs students, and more mixed classes of nondisabled and disabled children. 

Here's the article. 

6. Special Education Reform Brings City More In Line With National Trend 

And here's some universally accepted good news. Mind/Shift, you really rock.

7. For Dyslexic and Visually Impaired Students, a Free High-Tech Solution 


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