Sunday, September 30, 2012

All Teachers Teach Reading and Other Nifty Tweets of the Morning 9/30/12

Reading can inspire us to become a better person.

Every teacher is a reading teacher!

1. Content Area Reading: New ELA and Science Videos on Teaching Channel 

2. Developing a Successful 504 Plan for K-12 Students 

3. Jedi Mind Trick: 8 Ways to Motivate Kids 

Using your good mind.

4. Children with disabilities get to rope, ride at sheriff's rodeo in Devore 

You go girl. 

5. Personal Story: Self-Confidence as the Key to Success 

This is what happens in a country with no baseball or football.

6. Finnish Teachers Are Writing An Entire Math Textbook This Weekend 

 Again, you go girl.

7.Whitney Kropp: Bullied Michigan Teen Shines at Homecoming Game  

Gotta have my wheels.



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