Friday, October 5, 2012

Hispanic Heritage Month: Jose Hernandez of California

Jose Hernandez, running for Congress in California, former astronaut and farm worker.

 "The son of Mexican immigrants, Hernandez has made an impression on progressive Democrats for his strong support of the DREAM Act and advocacy for middle class families. His work with NASA is a central narrative in his campaign.

'I went from plowshares to the stars,' Hernandez said in October upon announcing his campaign."

2. Jose M. Hernandez 

3. Former Astronaut Jose Hernandez Runs For Congress

4. NASA astronaut to Latino students: Anything is possible

5. Sons of farmworkers vie for seats in Congress

Congressional campaigns by the children of farmworkers point to Latinos' growing political clout in California's rural areas.,0,6034020.story?track=lanowpicks 

6. Astronaut Jose Hernandez Loses to Farmer in Congressional Race 

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