Friday, February 22, 2013

Best Articles for Educators Week of 2/23/13

Practice makes creative?

Can Repetitive Exercises Actually Feed the Creative Process?

 “Creativity is play within a system of rules, and you can only play with the rules once you understand the systems.” 

School Help for the Child Struggling with Distractions and Lack of Focus

The important thing to consider is whether we are moving the student toward greater success and independence by including them and accepting that their challenges are real and not willful disregard 

Empowering Students Through Empathy and Collaboration

People often mistake kids doing whatever adults want them to do with kids thinking for themselves, which doesn't sustain itself for long. Students absolutely need to take the reins of their projects for them to have ownership of those projects. 

To Perform At Your Best, Manage Competition Carefully

 "...when young people feel anxious, parents and teachers can help by downplaying the evaluative nature of the event. But when we feel strong and capable, when we feel like a contender—then we can use the spur of competition to reach new heights." 

Be a Behavior Detective: Improving Prospects for Challenging Students 

 The more intensely the student is taught the underdeveloped skills, and the more the environment is changed to encourage appropriate behavior, the more quickly the student’s behavior is likely to change. 



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