Saturday, March 9, 2013

Who Our Students Are Tweets of the Day 3/9/13

1. Remixing Melville: Moby Dick Meets the Digital Generation 

2. An Unexpected Journey Meets an Imaginative Fundraiser 

3. Video Writing Prompt: Monsters University 

4. Then and Now: Education Technology in 1963 vs 2013

Take a look at some of the ways ed-tech has evolved in the United States over the last five decades. 

5. Filling in Thought Holes: An Invaluable Social and Emotional Learning Lesson 

6. Exercise Could Protect Students from Stress, Study Suggests 

7. Autism Speaks: From Genetic Discoveries to Improved Diagnosis & Treatment|+Official+Blog%29&utm_content=My+Yahoo 

National Center for Learning Disabilities





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