Saturday, June 8, 2013

What Do Teachers Do In The Summer? Read, Of Course

Got to be the ELA teaching team from some middle school.
1. Summer Reading for Educators: My Favorites  

Read quickly--baby's napping.

2. Summer Reading List for New Teachers

3. TeachersFirst's Lifetime Reading List 

Great location for a good read.


4. Top "10" Professional Reading List for Educators - 

Transporting with an ebook.

5. Recommended Books for Teachers 

After a run.

6. Educators suit up for their own summer reading 

  7. Summer Reading List for Teacher Improvement

Just get comfy and read.





  1. Melanie: this made me smile... hope you have a great summer! - Mark

  2. Good! Hope you found something interesting to read. I like how #3 places all of Shakespeare on the list. Got to be created by an English Lit. person.